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Membership Rules 


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Film Challenge General Rules  Entry Criteria 

  • Challenges are open only to fully paid up members of the club.

  • Entries must be the substantial work and copyright of the entrant(s) 

  • Only at the discretion of the Challenges Officer may a film be entered later than seven days before the Challenge. 

  • No film may be entered in more than one of the clubʼs Challenges in any one season.

  • Specific rules for each Challenge are defined in the ʻFilm Challenge Guidance Notesʼ. 

  • All Film Challenge entries must up loaded to our Vimeo Profile

Judging Criteria 

  • The Challenges Officer reserves the right to appoint judges at their discretion. 

  • There must be a minimum of three entries for any Challenge to be held.

  • The order of showing films will be chosen by the Challenges Officer at random. 

  • Three external judges will be appointed for the Film of the Year. 

  • The Ray Jennings Challenge, will be organized and judged as an independent exercise by a nominated member or members. This event was conceived as a technical exercise but is eligible for the Film of the Year Challenge where it results in a complete film.

  • A member with a film entered in any Challenge is not allowed to vote for their film.

  • The Committee will determine the Film Maker of the Year based on their contribution to the club over the season.

  • The Film of the Year Award will be judged solely by external judges to determine the best of all the winning films for the season. 



  • The winner of a Challenge will receive a cup or trophy at the end of season. This will be retained for one year or until recalled. They will also receive a plaque, Boudica or certificate of merit, according to his/her choice, to be kept. 

  • Presentations will take place at the AGM or Headgate Theatre as determined by the committee. 

  • Should a winner of a Challenge leave the club, the cup or trophy should be returned forthwith to the Challenges Officer. 

  • The Challenges Officerʼs decision shall be final on all matters arising from Challenges.

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