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Colchester Film Makers cover all aspects, genres and levels of amateur film making, from documentaries and live event filming to scripted dramatic productions and much more.


Whether your interest in film making is behind the lens or in front of it, pursuing that interest as part of a group can take your interests further.

Colchester Film Makers welcome anyone interested in making or contributing to the making of films of any genre.  The club has a rich history, starting in 1959 as Colchester Cine Club, we have an extensive archive of club made films spanning more than sixty years. 

Our club evenings offer a range of experiences to enhance your film making skills and knowledge.  In addition our membership includes people with extensive professional and amateur experience in audio, radio, film and video making.  Members frequently use club nights to exchange ideas, tips, tricks, techniques and equipment news.  

Outside of club nights, we are actively involved in making local interest films for other clubs and societies and like to record significant historical events i.e Royal visits to Colchester, Mayor of Colchester's Oyster Feast, Lectures at First Site & Colchester Scout & Guides Gang Show.  

During the summer we arrange a club summer outing, hold a summer barbecue and enjoy providing filming and social opportunities for our members.  View the quick guide of what is coming up over the remainder of this season here.

Colchester Film Makers is affiliated to The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (IAC) The Film and Video Institute.


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